Carboxy therapy skin rejuvenation treatment originated at the Royal Spas of France in 1932. Small amounts of carbon dioxide gas: injected below the surface of the skin with a fine needle. The carbon dioxide gas (odourless) causes the blood vessels to dilate (vasodilatory effect ) and stimulate collagen production (Provides texture, resiliency and shape ). The vasodilatory effect widens blood vessels to allow more blood flow or oxygenated blood thus reducing the build – up of fluid between the cells. “Fewer fats cells result in a firm and younger looking skin.” Also, the process improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by eliminating fatty deposits (thighs, hips, tummies, arms or any area of the body.

The treatment lifts tissue and rebuilds collagen by increasing oxygen locally. As a reaction to the temporary local increase in carbon dioxide, the body increases circulation and shunts oxygen into the area. This causes collagen to rebuild from the inside out and underlying fat to shrink.

In the eye area, carboxytherapy diminishes the appearance of protruding fat pads and crepiness on the lower lids.

On the lip and mouth area, the treatment is ideally suited to vertical lip lines, or smokers’ lines, which are difficult to treat with BOTOX® injections or dermal fillers. Carboxytherapy rebuilds the area safely over a period of a few weeks, with no downtime or that slight stretching sensation.

Carboxytherapy also rebuilds the thinned tissue over the lateral upper lip, as well as themarionette area of the lower mouth.

When injected into the fat, carboxytherapy also shrinks the prominent fat pads that increase the depth of the fold between the mouth and nose (nasolablial fold), jowls, and fat in theupper neck.

By injecting carbon dioxide below the skin, fat is reduced on the face and neck as it is on cellulite on the lower body. Jowls, lower cheek fat, and double chin fat can all be gradually reduced over a series of weekly sessions. Patients only experience temporary slight discomfort and no aftercare necessary.