Our team of skin care professionals are committed to providing the latest aesthetic treatments to our clients.

Bell Valerio


Hi my name is Danielle! I am a licensed aesthetician. My favorite part about my job is seeing people’s progress and seeing them feel confident about their skin. I love to create at home skincare regimens for my clients. I also love to learn new skincare treatments. When I’m not at the spa, I am a photographer capturing the glow and beauty of mothers and brides.


Hi my name is Melissa! Before becoming an esthetician I struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation. In school I learned how using the right products for your skin plays a big role in our skin’s health. SInce then I became passionate about helping others find the right products and treatments for their skin! When I am not at work on people‚Äôs skin I am an active choir singer at my church.


Hi, my name is Vanessa! I have been extremely passionate about skincare, beauty, and overall self-care since a very young age. As a child, I would always prefer going to beauty stores with my mom over playing with toys! Over the last few years, skincare has become a huge part of my life, as I now love to help inspire women to be the best version of themselves and feel beautiful in their own skin. When I’m not at the spa, I love trying new restaurants with my friends.


Bellaesthetic has partnered up with leading beauty and health experts from around the world to provide our clients a one-stop shop that will help them achieve their beauty and wellness goals.

Ariane Dasilva

Hi my name is Ariane! In 2016 I took a leap of faith and invested in my education. Started with eyebrow design, then microblading, then decided to complement my services with other micropigmentation services and eyelash extensions. I am very passionate about helping women enhance their own natural beauty.

Miriam Da Souza

Licensed Nail & Wax Technician
Hi my name is Miriam! I am a dedicated wax and nail technician. I have 30 years of experience in the industry. I love to see my clients’ personalities through their nail color and design choices. When I am not at work I am at home spending time with my dog Nina and enjoying a nice glass of red wine.