Pilates is a type workout that enhances balanced strength, breathing, flexibility, mind- body awareness and mostly core strength. Pilates lengthens and stretches the major muscle systems in your body. It consists of many stretches and poses that stretch even the deepest muscles in your body. Mat based classes; you will use a mat and your body weight throughout the workout, it conditions and supports all muscle in your body, improves balance and posture.

Pilates is a great stress reliever, a natural way to relax and a challenging workout. Increased physical activity concentrating on the mind and body leads to a positive overall change in perspective and attitude. There is so many benefits to Pilates;

• Improves Flexibility
• Improves muscle strength and tones the core areas of your body (abdominal, Lower back, Glutes and Hips)
• Improves the stabilization of your Spine and improve posture
• Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
• Stress management and relaxation
• Improves concentration
• Improves muscle strength back and limbs
• Increases body awareness

About the Instructor

Ana PaulaAna Paula Johnson was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with a lifelong interest in Physical Fitness, especially Soccer and rollerblading. While she was living in Chile as part of a Dance troupe, she became passionate about Pilates. After becoming a mother, Pilates became her key to regaining her physique. She decided to make Pilates her life’s work, to teach and better herself and others life through Pilates. Ana Paula Johnson is a US certified Pilates instructor and is part of the Pilates Method Alliance.